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Chi a poo puppies

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   Chi a poo is a Specialty Designer Pup that is a mix between a Chihuahua and a Poodle.
For all you Chihuahua lovers with allergies here's your answer. By mixing with the Poodle you now have a non shedding hypoallergenic puppy. You can enjoy a breed you love and not have hair shedding all over your clothes and no more allergies.
Poodle also calms the Chihuahua down and makes them even more lovable
Beautiful litter of Chi a poo pups.
                     1 Female 2 Males
     They should be around 3.08 to 5 pounds
Hypoallergenic, non shedding and very lovable.           
 Meet Benji Born May 5th
A Sweet CKC Chic a poo that will be small.
His dad is a 3.5 pound Poodle
Mom is a 5 pound Chihuahua
This little guy has the best from both parents.
His ears look like their trying to stand up.
Has a beautiful creme and apricot mix
for his coat color.
He loves to be played with and held.
His light color gave him a beautiful chocolate color nose and hazel color eyes.
He is Condo trained so no puppy crying at
night with this little guy.

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 Benji pictures at  20 weeks old he is puppy size year round.
Weighing only 3.12 pounds now
   Meet Milo Born May 5th
CKC Chicapoo Male
Beware This little guy loves to give out puppy Kisses
If he's in your arms be perpared to snuggle.
Already sleeps up to 8 hours in his condo so no night puppy crying.
He is Benji's brother all parent information there.
Not sure about his ears they are usually down.
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Meet the litter of Chi a poo
Moms 5 pound Chihuahua Dad 3 pound teacup Poodle
1 blonde Female 2 creme males


Below is Boys 4 week old puppy picture

           Chi a poo is  the best parts of CHIHUAHUA and POODLE making a hypoallergenic  and non-shedding dog.
You want small and lovable,  then LOOK no further you have found the perfect baby with with specialty designer pup.
                                                                             ALSO KNOWN AS A PURSE BABY
                                                                             Be about 4 to 5 pounds full grown
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