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Maltipoo Puppies

 Maltipoo  pup's are a special breed that people  just fall in love with.The mix of a Maltese and Poodle is a
sweet loving lap dog. These breeds should never be backyard pets . They should always be inside pets. They strive on human interaction and require affection
daily. If you can't commit to this then  get a 
different breed. But if you can then Maltipoo
will be a wonderful addition to your family. They are
 know for being Hypo-allergenic and non shedding.


 Love and Prince Charming Announce CKC Maltipoo Litter
Born Dec 26th Ready Feb 20th
Only 1 Female in this litter

What a cutie and I am the only one in this litter. A beautiful light color and a white spot on my head. If I am half as sweet as my mommy I will be SWEET!

Reg $2500 Cash Special $999
My new name is Luna
My new home is Melbourne, FL

       Prince Abe and Maggie Announce CKC Maltipoo Litter
                  Born Nov 17, 2013 Ready on Jan 12th
                          4 Females (Sorry Sold Out)
Mommy Maggie                      Daddy Prince Abe
Meet Mommy Maggie 8 pounds
Meet Daddy Prince Abe 6.08 pounds  

 Meet  Callie
Beautiful Black with white markings
on his face around her nose and chin
coming down her chest and also on all
four paws. The cutest docked tail.
Looks like a soft wavy to her fur.
Reg $2500  Cash Special $999
Credit Card Special $1050
My new name is Gracie Bell 
My new home is St Augustine, FL


Meet Chloe
            I am so excited my mommy and
daddy picked me out when I was in my
 mommy tummy. 
My name  Chloe was
picked for me before I was even born. 
I am a white with silver gray tint and
gray ears. I have wavy Maltese hair.
  Reg $2500  Cash Special $999  
           Credit Card Special $1050 
 My new home is Peachtree City, GA


 Meet Abby
I am looking for my new forever home. 
I am  a beautiful curly hair black female
with the cutest docked tail. I just love to snuggle so I will make the perfect lap dog.
Are you my new forever home?
If so be ready for puppy kisses!
Reg $2500 Cash Special $999
Credit Card Special $1050 
My new name is Sadie
My new home is Lake Worth, FL

 Meet Daisy
I am so special my mommy picked me out before I was born.
And my name was picked out then and
I am Daisy I like my new name. I am a
beautiful apricot cream color. M
y hair
should be wavy.

 Reg $2500 Cash Special $999
Credit Card Special $1050
My new Home is Jacksonville, FL

Below are the Maltipoo Puppies we have place in their Forever Homes        
              Ginger Chantilly St Aug, FL
 Chloe St Johns, FL
Tiny Tim Jacksonville, FL
  Sadie Lake Worth, FL
   Chloe  Peachtree City GA

Gracie Bell  St Augustine, FL 

Jazzy Jacksonville, FL
Chance East Hampton NY

Louis Jacksonville, FL 
Colbie Callahan FL

    Buster Jacksonville, FL            

Coal Jax, FL
Blue In Canada

              Molly Jacksonville, FL
Matilda Homsassa, FL

Abby St Marys GA
Snow Jacksonville, FL

Cole Jacksonville, FL
Frosty Callahan, FL
 Zoey Jacksonville, FL

Sophie in  Georgia 

Stitch Tallahassee FL

  Noelle in NJ

Maxx Jacksonville, FL 

              Caramel  Charlottesville, VA       

  Tatli (Means Sweet) In Turkey

Elani Jacksonville, FL 

      Boggie Jacksonville, FL             

    Maxx Orlando, FL

Brody Washington State 
     Milo Jacksonville, FL  

       Nola Atlanta GA

Ace Jacksonville, FL
 Snicker Doodle Jacksonville, FL

Shadow Jacksonville, FL

LuLu Jacksonville, FL 
   Molly Jacksonville, FL           

    Cadee Middleburg, FL
Barney Middleburg, FL

  Onxy Jacksonville, FL  

   Diddle Jacksonville, FL

Shadow Jacksonville, FL 
   Jasmine  Jacksonnville, FL         

   Annie Jacksonville, FL           

Sophie Jacksonville,FL 
  Silver Fox  Jacksonville, FL  

    Knight Rider Jacksonville, FL

Teeny Jacksonville, FL 

             Charley Jacksonville, FL  

   Jade in Michigan

Bam Bam Washington DC 

   Callie  NJ                           

     Tex  Fleming Island, FL

Daisy Mae Jacksonville, FL
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