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Shorkie Tzu Puppies



  Shorkie Tzu Puppies
 Shorkie Tzu is a Specialty Designer Pup that is a wonderful mix of a Yorkie and Shih Tzu. They make the cutest little Puppy around. They are hypoallergenic and non-shedding making a wonderful house pet. So if you love Yorkie but want them to be a little more lovable and calmer than get yourself a Shorkie Tzu.
True teacups weigh up to 5 pounds.
Picture of a adult puppy we breed and client sent in a picture.
Pups Born April 5th

 Marley and GizzyMan Announce CKC Shorkipoo Pups
Born April 5th Ready May 31st

 Meet Martie
Beautiful little man he is black with a chocolate tint.
Has a little white on his chin and chest.

Reg $2500
Cash Special $999
Credit Card Special $1050
 Meet Marco

This little man has the most beautiful coloring. He is a chocolate brindle with black and white markings. Also the smallest of the litter.

Reg $3000
Cash Special $1100
Credit Card Special $1150
 Meet Marla

Such a cutie
She is a black with a chocolate tint and has  
white markings to brighten her face.
She has a docked tail

Reg $2500
Cash Special $999
Credit Card Special $1050
My new home is Jacksonville, FL

 Carmela and Champ Proudly Announce CKC Shorkie Litter
Born Aug 26 Ready Oct 21
2 males  Sorry this Litter is sold out
Above: Mommy Carmela CKC Shih Tzu
                       Above:Daddy Champ CKC Yorkie
   Meet Kibbles
Beautiful chocolate Male. He has white marking on his mouth, chest and tips of his paws.  He has his tail. Has his daddy silky shiny hair.,and short legs.

 Regular $2500 Cash Special $999
Credit Card $1100
Pet Loan Special $1250
Has Deposit
My New Home is Alexander City, AL
My new Mommy is Emily New Name is Riley

        Meet Peanut
Peanut beautiful chocolate Male. He has white marking on his mouth, chest.  
He has a cute docked  tail. 
Has his daddy silky shiny hair. and short legs
         Regular $2500 Cash Special $999
         Credit Card $1100                       
         Pet Loan Special $1250                

Has Deposit
My New Home is Ft Waldon, FL
My new mommy is Kimberly
My new name is Big Ben

Polly and Champ Announce Litter of T-CUP Shorkie
This is Polly's last litter
Born Jan 2, 2013
3 Females 1 Male
Daddy Champ 4.08 pound Yorkie            Mommy Polly 6.08 pound Shih Tzu
Meet Rhett

He is the only male in this litter
has docked tail and four white tails
his ears will stand up
10 week weigh 2.03 pounds
Estimate adult weigh 4.08 -5.08 pounds

Reg $2000 Special $1250
My new name is Remington
 I will be called Remmy
My new home is Watsontown, PA

Meet Scarlett

Such a Beautiful Baby Girl
Has the most white on her four paws
and chest. Has her tail
4 1/2 weeks weigh 1 pound
Estimated Adult weigh 5.08-6.08 pounds

Reg $2000 Special $1250

My New Family named me Chloe
My new home is Dade City, FL

Meet Emma

She is Little  and will not be able for her forever
home till she is 10-12 weeks old
Has to have a stay at home family can not
be left alone while a puppy
Docked tail and four white paws

5 weeks weight 12 ounces
Estimated adult weight 4.08-5.08 pounds
Reg 2500 Special $1500
My New Home is Bryceville, FL

Meet Emmy
She is so so tiny So don't expect to get her
until she is 16 weeks old
She is so little at 5 weeks looks like a kitty
Four white paws docked tail
Must be a stay at home family she can not
be left alone.
11 weeks weight is 1 pound
Estimated Adult weight 2-2.08 pounds

Reg $3000.00 Special $2000.00

Has Deposit
My new name is Lexus
My new home is Jacksonville, FL

Ginger and Little Boy Blue Annouce Litter of Shorkie
Born Oct 23rd Ready on Dec 18th
2 Males & 2 Females
Sorry This Litter is Sold Out

Meet Jolly
Look at his white markings on his face chest and paws He is beautiful.
Beautiful gray called a blue.

Small ears like Yorkie so may stand up.
HE IS A TRUE blue with a blue nose.
Has Docked Tail
Soft Yorkie Hair Don't let him slip
past you.
Estimated Adult weight is 6-7 pounds

Reg $1500 Special $699
My new home is Jacksonville, FL
 Meet Hope
Beautiful Female White on chin chest and all 4 paws
Black blue fur with a dark gray nose
Has docked tail

Reg $1500 Special $899
My new home is Jacksonville, FL
      Meet Happy

This little guy has the Yorkie shape Face.
He is a Black Brindle with white markings on chin chest and back paws.
Has docked tail including rabies shot
Estimate adult weight 6-7 pounds


Reg $1250 Special $599
My new home is Stuart FL
My name stays HAPPY!
Meet Joy

This baby girl is a blue brindle with a gray nose
 White markings under chin, on chest and back paws
She has the Shih Tzu face & body
Has Docked Tail
Reg $1250 Special $799
My new home is Jacksonville, FL
My new name is Jasmine

To the left mommy enjoying her babies as they snuggle for naptime.
Hope and Little Boy Blue Announce Birth of
First Generation Shorkie Pups
Born Sept 8, 2012
Ready on Nov 3rd
2 Females
Sorry This Litter is Sold Out

Mommy Hope 6.08 pound CKC Shih Tzu                                                   Daddy Little Boy Blue CKC Yorkie 5.08  pounds

Meet Autumn
Dark Chocolate Female

with white markings on neck paws
on face. She is SO BEAUTIFUL
She has the Silky Shih Tzu Hair
Tail Docked and dew claws removed
Reg $999 SPECIAL $699

I live in Jacksonville, FL
My new name is Sayge
Meet Summer
Blue with Brindle tints &
White paws and chest .
She has the Yorkie Fur that people
 love because grooming time is cut in  half
Tail docked and dew claws removed
Reg $999 SPECIAL $699
I live in Jacksonville, FL
Roxy and Little Boy Blue Announce Birth of CKC Shorkie Litter
Born August 24th Ready on Oct 16th
 1 Female Available
Sorry This Litter is Sold Out

Mom Above 5 pounds Shih Tzu

Dad to left 5.08 pounds Yorkie

Meet Tootsie
She is the only one in this litter
Her adult weight will be about 5 LBS
She is a black with blue undercoat which tells me she will be a blue brindle coloring.
 She has a blue nose and docked tail
Reg $1500 Special $899
I still Live in Jacksonville, FL

Ginger and Romeo Announce Shorkie Litter
Born May 23, 2012
1 Male 1 Female
Sorry this Litter is SOLD OUT

He says ,I am happy for my sister getting a new family BUT I want a loving home too!
He is the sweetest baby in the world and just look
 at those eyes they just melt your heart.
He is so sweet and only wants to snuggle, cuddle
and love you. He is so smart and knows how to walk a tightrope or so we call it.
He has the Yorkie hair and coloring.
Estimated Adult weight is 10 lbs
Reg Price $999 Special  $699
Meet Spice
Just look at that pose she loves getting
her picture taken.
She has the perfect mixture of Yorkie and
 ShihTzu hair Texture is so soft. Her undercoat
is blonde so she is going to be a blonde Silver so
 if you want a light girl she's for you.
At 8 weeks she weighs 2.04lbs
Estimated Adult weight is 6.04 lbs
Reg Price $999  Special Price $699
Sold My name is Benni and I live in St Augustine FL now

Polly and Champ Announce the Birth of Shorkie Litter
This is their last litter together because we are retiring Polly
who has been a wonderful mom and we know
she will enjoy her last litter
Born June 12, 2012
Only 1 Male left from this Litter

                 Moma Imperial Shih Tzu Polly                                    Daddy T-cup Yorkie Champ

Meet Levi
Just look at that face how can you
not say he is the only male
in this litter
He has his tail with small white tip,
 white chest and 4 white paws.
At 5 1/2 weeks weighs 1.07 lbs
estimate adult weight at 5.01 lbs
Reg $1500 Sale $899

Meet Lily
Such a little Angel
don't let her pass you by
Just look at those beautiful eyes
White tip on tail so she has a tail.
She has the white markings on face and
4 white paws
5 1/2 weeks weighs 1.07
estimate adult is 5.01 lbs

Reg $1500 Sale $899

Meet Lexi
She is a beautiful Female
She is the light weight of the litter
We Docked her tail.
She has white on chest
and 4 white paws.
At 5 1/2 weeks weighs 1.03LBS
Estimating adult weight 4.03lbs

Reg $2000  Sale $999

My name is Abriela now

                     Charity and Romeo Announce Shorkie Litter
                                    Born April 12, 2012
                             1st Generation Shorkie Tzu
                         SORRY THIS LITTER IS SOLD OUT
            Mommy Charity 8 pounds                Daddy Romeo 5.08 pounds
MEET Jordon
I am the last one left so mom just discounted me to $499 so I can find a loving home too.
I am the only black with silver one in the litter, just look at my face It says I just love to play & cuddle. Buy me and we will have so much fun together!
At 17 weeks he weighs 4.15 making estimated adult weight 7.12Lbs
He is so so sweet.

Regular $1500 Special Price $650
SOLD my name is Opie now
                Meet Gretcha
                  What a sweetie pie.
She is special in so many ways first is her unusual color.   Blue colors are few and in between. And look at those hazel eyes. At 15 weeks weighs 3.14 Estimate adult weight is 6.08 pounds she is small cute and lovable!
 This little girl is spunky and loves to talk to you. She is one smart baby girl. Sleeps through the night with no puppy whining, and uses her potty tray. She will make anyone a     wonderful additional to their family.      
   Now I'm Sophie
                            REG $1500 Special $699                       
               Meet Joey
  Dark Sable 1st Generation Male Shorkie
            So sweet and lovable.
   Don't Let him slip through
your fingers.
   15 weeks weight 5.13 pounds 
      Adult weight around 9.13 pounds  

         Regular Price $1500
          Special Price  $450

                Meet Jodi
       This is the calmess one of the litter
                  A real Sweetheart
      She is a beautiful Light Sable Female
  1st generation Shorkiealready sleeping  by herself at night, so no sleepless nights for you.
9 weeks weighs 3.08 pounds
Adult weight 9.08 pounds
     Regular Price $1500 Special Price  $699
                           Meet Josie
       Beautiful Dark Sable Female
  who says come get me I will be your            special Baby Girl.
 Anyone who comes to see these babies
    will fall in love with this baby girl.
9 weeks weight 3.14 pounds
      Adult weight 9.08 pounds           

 Reg Price $1500 Special $699

 Little Boy Blue and Ruth announce Shorkie Tzu Litter
Born Feb 22nd
Ready on April 18th


   Meet Cara

She is absolutely beautiful! More of the Yorkie with this baby girl.
Has the Yorkie coloring and the facial feature. She just gets prettier each and everyday.

Price $999  Special $699

She is Ginger Now

 Meet Zaxby

This is the cutest litte man. Just look at his markings that set him apart from all the rest. White on his chest, paws, under and around his mouth going up above his nose. What a profile! You must ask for his photo album to see his markings.

Price $999  Special $699

Now is Bo
   Meet Carley

She is the tiny one of the females and a solid color right now looks like a dark chocolate but maybe a Buff either way both are a much desired color.

Price $999
Special $699

Now She is Bella

   Meet Smokey

Meet this little man has more of the Yorkie coloring and body build. The great thing about Yorkie hair is for people with Ashma Yorkie is the one dog they can be around.Has the sweet black face with his brindle black body and a chocolate nose.
What a sweetheart.

Price $899 Special $599
   Meet Dusty

This little man is the one to want.
All four paws has white markings along with his chest a liitle around his nose and around his mouth. Blacker face with chocolate body.
Has the Yorkie build, hair and ears may stand up.

Price $999   Special $699
   Meet Kira

Sorry this beauty is off the market.
That's right she already has a mommy who put a deposit on her and named her Kira.

 Proud Parents Missy and Romeo Announce
4 Shorkie Tzu's Puppies
1 Female 3 Males
Born Nov 25th Ready on Jan 20th

      (This Litter is Sold Out)  
Below Mom Missy                                               Below Dad Romeo
             Meet Barney
He is the sweetest in the litter the
only white on him is the dot on his
chin and mixed just alittle in front
chest around front paws.
He has the Yorkie looking tail that
means it comes up higher than curls
over instead of lying on his back
like a Shih Tzu. He is a Keeper
Reg Price $1500  Sale Special $699

             Meet Party
He is the party animal in the group. He
just loves to play. He said he's looking
for a home and believes you are it. He
is the smallest of the litter and I have
to separate him at times to protect him from rough play with the litter. Just look at
his coloring and markings, he is the
darkest colored one in the litter.

Don't wait to long or you'll miss out on
             this little guy!

      Reg $1250 
Special $899.00
             Meet Barley

  He is the man in this litter. Just
 look at that serious face he wants
  to be in your arms getting love!

   Accent coloring around his eyes
   Little white on mouth and little
             more on chest.

   Reg  Price $1250  Special $750

   Meet Marley

She is the only female in this litter but her highlights around her eyes,and         make her more beautiful each day
her coat is coming in thicker and

Regular $1500  Now Special $799

Proud Parents Champ & Polly
Announce Birth of 2 Males and 1 Female
Born Nov 15, 2011
(Sorry This Litter Is Sold Out)
  Meet Baby Girl

       Only Female in this Litter
    She has such a beautiful face
four white paws and kept her tail

Reg $1500
Sale $1250
 Meet Baby Boy
Four white paws
He kept his tail

Sale $1250


  Meet Little Bit
 This is the smallest of the litter
Four white paws Docked tail
and ears look like they will stand up like Yorkie ears

$1500  Sale $1250


 Proud Parents Carmela and Champ
Announce Birth of Litter 4 Shorkie Tzu Pups
Born Oct 12, 2011
3 Males 1 Female

(Sorry This Litter is Sold Out)

        Carmelia Shih Tzu Mom Below                                Champ Yorkie Dad Below
                  5 pounds                                                              4  pounds
   Meet Chloe
Only Female in the litter
Will be between 4-6 pounds
Reg $2000
Sale $1500

Now she's Bay


 Meet Joey
White Tips on back paws
Will be between 4-6 pounds
Is a beautiful parti-color chocolate, white and black.
Just look at his face with the white highlights on his chin and chest.
Reg $1500
   Meet Toby
Beautiful Male
Will be between 4-6 pounds
He is a 2 tone Beige and black
Regular $1500
Sale $750

 Meet Zoey
Beautiful Male
Will be between 4-6 pounds
He is a beautiful 2 tone chocolate
Regular $1500.00
Sale $1250.00

Roxie Girl and Gizzy Man
Introduce two T-CUP Shorkie Tzu
Born Oct 1, 2011

This is their last litter together Roxie is to small I had her Spayed after her emergency C-section with this litter. I love her to much to chance this again for her, she's my baby!
This litter is sold out
    Below:Daddy Champ 4 pounds                                             Below: Mommy Roxy 4 pounds

       Meet Miracle
Born Oct 1, 2011 3 ounces
a true T-cup beautiful Black and Sable color with four white paws and white on his chest.

This is the last from these parents so get this little one while you can.
Reg $2500.00 Special $1500.00

        Meet Blessing

She is a whole 2.08 ounces
Rich Sable and Black Coloring
No white at all.
       She is a BEAUTY!

Reg $2500.00 Special $1500.00
                Now she's Tiki
      Only two babies
         in this litter
            Sold Out

This Litter is Sold Out 
Proud Parents Peaches
and Champ
 Announce Litter of Two Shorkie Tzu Males
Born April 1, 2011

Parents pictures below
                 Mom Peaches CKC Shih Tzu                                              Dad Champ CKC Yorkie
      Meet Niblet

  1st generation Male CKC Shorkie Tzu

     Just a tiny little Shorkie Male
Almost 3 months and only weighs 1.13Lbs
 He will be small like his 4 pound daddy.

Absolutely beautiful markings. Just look
at that face
he is hand size for sure
and will always be a purse dog.

    Haven't listed till now because they  
              were so small                   

              Reg Price $1500
  Limited Time Special Price $750.00

              Meet Kiblet

1st Generation CKC Male Shorkie Tzu

He is also 1.13 pounds but is a little
lighter color on the face.
He is so cute and loves to stand on his back paws.
So he is a dog that will do tricks.
Beautiful markings and coloring.
Because of their size I'm just listing them at 12 weeks. They were just to small till now.

Above you see Kiblet and Niblet playing together. They have so much fun together.
If your looking for two then this is the time to buy when they are half price making two for the price of one .
They both only weigh 1.13 pounds each
Kiblet is more the show off where Niblet is more laid back and the lover lump.

 Meet Boots
CKC Shorkie Tzu Female
Beautiful Yorkie Color Markings
with white paws like a Shih Tzu
She will steal your heart.
Born August 22nd
Ready on Oct 17th
Will hold till Christmas if you are
wanting to give as a gift with a
non refundable deposit
and layaway payments

will be between 4-5 pounds

Put your deposit today she won't last long.


 Meet Precious
CKC Shorkie Tzu
Mom 5.8 pound Shih Tzu  Dad 4.8 pound Yorkie
This is the perfect small puppy for Christmas.
We will hold for you in  layaway with non refundable
deposit and layaway payments.
or treat yourself to a sweet baby on Oct 17th
Just look at that sweet face.
She will be between 4-4.08 pounds
 Meet Gidget
CKC Shorkie Tzu
She is tiny, weighing only
1.14 ounces at 14 weeks old
Born June 21, 2010

She must go to home where someone is
with her or can take her with them.

Should be around 3-4 pounds grown
She has beautiful markings just enough white on
chin and chest.
Dad 4.8 pound Yorkie
Mom 5 pound Shih Tzu

 Meet Hershey
She is sweet as candy.
So lovable and small
weighing only 1.11 pound at 14 weeks
she will be between 3-4 pounds grown
She has the sweetest face with Yorkie
ears standing up. Just look at her and how the white is perfect contrast from her mouth chest and all four paws.
She is perfect in every way.
Born June 21st
sold sold sold
 Meet Tidbit
This little girl only weighs 11 ounces at 9 weeks
She can only go to a home where someone is home
all day or able to take Gidget with them. She will
just be to little to stay by herself. You must qualify
to adopt this little angel.
She will be between 3-4 pounds full grown
She looks just like her daddy at this age.
She is playful, lovable and very social.
Born on June 21st will not be available for her
new home till she reaches 1 pound which may be
around mid Sept.
Accepting $500 non refundable deposit
only at this time


This Litter is Sold Out
Proud Parents King Tori and Madam Ruth
Announce the birth of Shorkie Tzu
Born May 12, 2011
3 males 2 Females
Even thou these are Toy size chocolate color makes them more valuable
All pups regular $999.00  Special Price $599.00
   Meet King James
Beautiful Chocolate Male w/ Light Chocolate & Hazel Eyes
This little guy is special
He was chosen early by a
special family.
        Sale $599

          Meet Rusty
He is the biggest of the litter and
the most playful.
Also has the chocolate nose and hazel eye color.Just look at that face it makes you want to kiss him.


             Meet Coco
He so dark chocolate he makes you
think of Coco His eyes just look into
yours as you talk to him.
His fur is so shiny and soft.
His favorite past time is just
snuggling as close as he can.
The perfect lap dog. He has the
darker chocolate nose and Hazel eyes.
He is the smallest male weighing only 2.0 pounds at 5 weeks old.

 Meet Godiva

Last Female available in this litter
She is a beautiful dark chocolate color
Hazel eyes and middle chocolate color nose
She has white accents on tips of several paws
around her mouth and chest.

She has more of the Yorkie fur. As the rest of the litter has more of the Shih Tzu Fur.

Don't let this deal pass you by she won't last

            Meet Karma

She is a beautiful Parti color chocolate white
Female with beautiful markings
around her eyes. Her ears might
come up seeing how they stand up
just a little right now. She has
beautiful hazel color eyes and a
chocolate nose. Her tail was so
pretty and white she kept hers


 Announcing the New Arrival of Shorkie Tzu Pups
Born Feb 28, 2011
Proud Parents
Dad Champ 4.08 pound T-cup Yorkie
Mom Carmela 5 Pound Imperial Shih Tzu
3 Males 1 Female
Female has deposit one her only 3 males left
Parents picture below Mom Carmela Left  Dad Champ Right
If they weigh enough ready on April 25th
       This sweet little mommy is small as you can tell from her pictures.
           She has three males and one female all Yorkie markings.
                                 Males $1250.00  Female $1500.00

       Meet Grady
At 12 weeks he weighs 1.14 pounds
they say double weight at 12 weeks
for adult size so he is small like his
 daddy will be about 4 pounds.
Dad is on premises for viewing as

 As you look at his coloring you will see he has white on his chest and back paws. Both front paws
are brown. But just look at his face
the highlights around his eyes makes
this little guy. His eyes just draw you
to him If your not careful he will steal your heart.

His coloring is a brown, black,
chocolate and white also known as parti color

                 Reg 1500.00
     Puppy Sale Special 950.00
        Meet Sadie
      CKC Shorkie Tzu

   This little angel is the only
  female in this litter of four.
 She is absolutely beautiful and
 oh so sweet. Two white front
  paws, around her mouth and
         on her chest.

      Regular $1500.00
    Easter Special $999.00
    $100 non refundable deposit
        will hold her for you.
   Meet Teddy Bear
   CKC Male Shorkie Tzu

Specialty Designer Puppy.
           Born Feb 28th
     Ready to go on April 25th.
He is a beautiful Shorkie Tzu
that has a lot of chocolate color in him.
Just look into his eyes, and watch your heart melt.
He has one white front paw on left side.

Request his photo album to view more

              Reg $1500
        Meet Baby Boy
Such a beautiful male All four paws
have some white on them. The front
paws Right has a alot left only a small
amount. The white around his mouth and chest just show off his black mask.

The beautiful Brindle, black white coloring
make this a beautiful parti color male.

Talk about personality he has personality
plus just look at that stanz . He is a
 knock out. So if you want beautiful, small,
personality and lovable
then Baby Boy is
               the puppy for you.

                 Reg $1500.00
  Champ & Polly Announcing
Litter Born March 12, 2011
Ready on May 7th or later

These puppies are small
CKC Shorkie Tzu
Mom is 5.08 pound Shih Tzu
Dad 4.08 pound CKC Yorkie

They all are beautiful with sweet faces and brilliant color. You can go wrong with any of these puppies.
Should be between 3.08 to 5.08 pounds
full grown
Sorry this litter is sold out
   Meet Tiny Gizzy
This little guy is so tiny the smallest of the litter. Four white paws.
So cute and lovable.
This little guy won't last long.

Reg 2500.00
Easter Special $1250.00
   Meet Izzy
She is so cute and Tiny
Four white paws.
This little baby is already taken


   Meet Teddy Bear
He is the largest of the litter
he will be about 4.08 to 5 pounds
He is cuddly as a little Teddy Bear that's why we gave him his name.

Reg 1250.00

   Meet Lizzy
Her eyes say it all

Reg 2500.00
Easter Special $1250.00